PianoBar -Open Source Pandora Mac Client

14 Mar 2017 - by @mrjk_

I love Pandora Radio because it has that radio station feel but for the exact music that you like. I also like the fact that it has great curation.

BUT there is a huge problem with Pandora. It really lacks some good Pandora clients for desktop because they want people to use their browser version. That has another BIG problem. The website version requires Flash (boo!!) so a desktop client is required.

I have been using a CLI version called Pianobar. It’s so good. It’s lightweight and easy to install on Mac.


  • Homebrew installed on your Mac


Open Terminal and run the following commands:

  1. brew update - this makes sure Homebrew packages are up to date
  2. brew install pianobar - this installs Pianobar
  3. pianobar - this runs Pianobar

You will then be asked to enter in your Pandora email and password and bam, you’re connected. It shows you your playlists and it has an easy command list.

PianoBar Features

  • play and manage (create, add more music, delete, rename, …) stations
  • rate songs and explain why they have been selected
  • upcoming songs/song history
  • customize keybindings and text output
  • remote control and eventcmd interface (send tracks to last.fm, for example)
  • proxy support for listeners outside the USA

PianoBar CLI interface

Other Pandora Clients using PianoBar

For fun, you can also use this video to create a Mac Widget that acts as a Pandora client

Original Reference - PianoBar Website


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