Slack CLI Client

11 Jan 2017 - by @mrjk_

Ok so this is my second CLI app version that Im heavily using now. The trend is to use a minimal CLI approach for doing the everyday tasks. The thing is desktop apps are cool, but why install a bloated desktop app, when you can run everything in a nice way using the Terminal?

So Slack CLI Client it is :)

I cool developer called Evan Yeung has done the hard work and all credit to him. It’s a pretty sweet implementation for a Slack CLI client.

You can check out his Github Repo for more details.

Terminal Slack


  • Node
  • NPM


  1. git clone && cd terminal-slack
  2. npm install
  3. Get your Slack API Token - make sure its the legacy one.
  4. export SLACK_TOKEN='[your token here]'
  5. node main.js

Bam! Slack in your terminal. Good for a lightweight setup and can be used on most computers and ever CLI servers :)

Terminal Slack

Pretty cool!


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