Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse on Mac

31 Jul 2016 - by @mrjk_

New tech update everyone! I’ve been getting heaps of RSI on my wrists because of the mouse that I use. Mainly because it sits on a different angle to what my wrist is naturally good at doing.

So I bought a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic mouse after several positive recommendations from other tech heads. I will say that I did not buy the keyboard and mouse package. Even though the keyboard is actually quite good, I chose not to because I love the feel of the mechanical keyboard too much. There are some ergonomic mechanical keyboards that I will look into later, but cant afford at the moment.

The following content is taken directly from Yu-Cheng Chuang’s Blog about setup. All credit to him for setting it up! Thanks!


Everything works properly, except the Windows Button. But you can remap it to Mouse Button 4 using KeyRemap4MacBook.

Horizontal Scrolling (Tilt Button)

Works out-of-the-box. But don’t expect that it is as smooth as built-in Trackpad or the Magic Mouse.

Windows Button

Does not work properly. It is not recognized as Mouse button 4, but it can be remapped by Karabiner.

Interestingly, if you use an app that can inspect keyboard inputs, the Windows button actually sends Command key to OS X, which is equivalent to Windows key on Windows. That’s why it is possible to open Start Menu on Windows 7 without any driver.

Here is the log when I record events in EventViewer of Karabiner. The operations are:

Click and hold Windows button - it is recognized as Command_R with Cmd flag. Release Windows button - it is recognized as Command_R but no Cmd flag (key up?) Click and hold Windows button and press i on the keyboard - it sends Cmd+i And it actually works like a Command key: if you select a Finder item and try step 3, it will open “Info” window, just like pressing Cmd+i on keyboard.

Karabiner Event Log

Disabling the Windows Button

If you don’t want it work anymore, you can disable that button in Keyboard system preferences. The downside is that, if you have a Microsoft keyboard connecting to that receiver, then your Windows key on that keyboard will be disabled too. (I don’t have one so I don’t care about that)

Disable Buttons

Remapping the Windows Button

Because the Windows button simply sends Command_R, to remap that button without affecting the actual Right Command from keyboard, the remapping must be assigned solely to the mouse. Fortunately it is possible to do this with Karabiner. After I read the document of private.xml I figured out how to remap the Windows button to Mouse button 4:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

    <name>Windows Button to Mouse Button 4 (Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse)</name>

Now you can assign Mouse Button 4 to whatever you want! (for example, Exposé or what I use it for “the back button!” - Rejoice!)

Again, if you’ve also connected a Microsoft keyboard with the same receiver, your right Command will be overridden to Mouse Button 4.

Thanks Yu-Cheng Chuang! Saved my life champ!


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