CM QuickFire TM for Mac

10 Aug 2015 - by @mrjk_

I fell in love with mechanical keyboards after my co-founder for Cashper converted me to them. I bought the CM Storm Rapid and use it as my daily at the office. However at home I didn’t have a mechanical keyboard.

For those that haven’t used a mechanical keyboard, the feel, the sounds, the touch….Oh so good. It just feels better. It sounds nice and has a really good sturdy touch. I highly recommend a mechanical keyboard to anyone.

I recently went out to get another one but this time for my home. I would have just bought the CM Storm Rapid, however there were none in stock anywhere. So I thought I’d give the CM Quickfire TM a spin. There are plenty of reviews online, so I won’t go into a review of this. I will say though, it’s pretty awesome. Love it.

However. Some of the functions of the keyboard dont work out of the box for Mac. So here is a quick run down of how to get things working.

When you plug and play. Most things work except for full backlit keyboard (still trying to figure that out. Will update when I have it working)

  1. It defaults to 6KRO mode. Cool.
  2. You could switch to NKRO mode, however when you do it doesn’t work on the Mac. Switching requires you to:
  3. Hold the FN key for 3 seconds until it stay on
  4. Press the ESC (6/N) key + N to go to NKRO mode
  5. Keyboard will reset
  6. Switching back to 6KRO mode requires ESC (6/N) + 6 to go to 6KRO mode
  7. The numpad doesnt work in 6KRO mode. But there is a solution
  8. Download an app called Karabiner
  9. After install, launch Karabiner. Then go to “Mics & Uninstall” tab
  10. Go to “Custom Setting”
  11. Select Open private.xml
  12. Add the following code, then click save. Go back to the first tab and select “Reload XML”
<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <name>Quickfire TK</name>
        <device_only>DeviceVendor::CM_Storm, DeviceProduct::QuickFire_TK</device_only>

Awesome you now can close Karabiner. Your numlock button will work and switch between the keypad and the arrow buttons.


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